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COMM 103-005,009 & 010 Paper Assignment Two 6-8 double-spaced pages Important Dates Complete draft due in class and in OWL-Space by 5PM: October 15th Mandatory writing conferences with Dr. Dayton: October 16 th -21 st Mandatory writing conferences with writing consultants: October 22 nd -28 th Individual eight-minute presentations: October 27 th and 29 th Final essay due in OWL-Space: 5PM, October 30 th (Friday) Iconic fictional characters have symbolic value beyond the work of fiction in which they originally appear. When closely examined and interpreted, these characters reveal significant information about the wider culture in which they were produced and are admired. Not every character in a novel, comic, short story, television, or film achieves this status. For this assignment, your character must be relatively well known, but does not necessarily need to be the main character of the work in which he or she appears. The character should be relatively familiar to audiences who read or view similar works of fiction. Your character does not need to be human. (Bilbo Baggins, Godzilla, and Lassie would all be acceptable for this assignment.) Your character cannot be a mythological figure (Hera, Thor), a religious figure (Jesus, Moses), or a character
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This note was uploaded on 03/11/2010 for the course COMM 103 taught by Professor Dayton during the Spring '10 term at Rice.

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Dayton+Assignment+Two+Fall+2009 - COMM 103-005,009 &...

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