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COMM 103-005,009 & 010 Paper Assignment One 5-6 double-spaced pages Important Dates Draft due in class and in OWL-Space by 5PM: September 22nd Writing Conferences with Dr. Dayton and/or Writing Consultants: September 23 rd -27 th Final due in OWL-Space: 5PM, September 30 th (Wednesday) This unit uses the example of the NBC sitcom Will and Grace to increase familiarity with a variety of academic approaches to popular culture. We have read arguments about Will and Grace from differing perspectives including social science (Schiappa, Gregg, and Hewes and Bonds-Raacke et al), cultural studies (Castiglia and Reed and Mitchell) and media analysis (Connolly). While these articles draw on different types of evidence and theoretical approaches, all of the authors are interested in the effects Will and Grace has had on popular perceptions of lesbians and gay men. For this paper, you will compare and contrast two of these approaches. You can choose two articles that use differing techniques to come to similar conclusions
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