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Unformatted text preview: Fallacies of Argument Flashpoints of Emotional Argument 1. Scare Tactics. exaggerating possible dangers well beyond theirlikelihood. 2. Either-Or Choices. reduce[ing] the options for action to only two choicesreduc[ing] a complicated issue to excessively simple terms orobscur[ing] legitimate alternatives. 3. Slippery Slope. exaggerat[ing] the likely consequences of an action and suggesting that it will lead to more serious/dangerous/undesirable situations/beliefs/policies [Note: this is a special case of Scare Tactics.] 4. Sentimental Appeals. arguments that use tender emotions excessively to distract readers from facts.such appeals are highly personal and individual---focusing on heart-warming or heart-wrenching situations that make readers feel guilty if they challenge an idea, policy, or proposal. 5. Bandwagon Appeals . arguments that urge people to follow the same path everyone else is takingin other words, to create a false sense of hype around an issue that entices others to support/oppose it without thinking more deeply about it...
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