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Contract_Risk_and_Symmetry_Issues_1_ - Counter party may...

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Contract Risk and Symmetry Issues Insured? Physical liability? Environmental Business Interruption? Volume Committed volumes unequal to Supply volumes in quantity or time Price Floating Purchase Price vs Fixed Sales Price. Input Prices and Output Prices not well correlated or in different currencies Transportation Committed sales and/or purchase volumes with interruptible transportation agreements Construction Delays, Cost overruns, failure to complete. Creditworthiness
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Unformatted text preview: Counter party may have weak credit which may cause contract terms to be negated in bankruptcy Convertibility & Repatriation Can foreign currency be converted to dollars and can it be repatriated to US? Technological Risk Is technology proven? On this scale? Liquidity Risk Can we lose a lot of money in any given year even though profitable overall? Political Risk Strength of contract law? International arbitration? Insurable Risk?...
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