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Homework Due February 1_2_ - $14,400 30 Add the following...

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Homework Due February 1, 2010 Cancel Case 51 Retain Case 17 Use the assumptions of Case 10 as modified: 120,000 annual output 10 years of 2000 hours/year $20 labor rate/hour fully burdened No Salvage No Taxes 15% interest or MARR rate Purchase Price/Machine Annual Maintenance Pieces/Hour A $18,000 $1,350 6 B $27,000 $2,430 12 C $64,000 $4,250 30 D $120,000
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Unformatted text preview: $14,400 30 Add the following information: Revenue per unit: $ 5.00 Materials cost/unit: .50 Shipping cost/unit: $1.00 Determine the following: a) NPV for A,B,C,D b) IRR for A,B,C,D c) EUAC for A,B,C,D d) Graph NPV for A,B,C,D vs i for informative range e) Make a recommendation f) What if your MARR is 30%?...
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