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Project Assignment - CEVE 322_2_ - Project Assignment CEVE...

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Project Assignment CEVE 322, ENGI 303 Select one of the following projects: Natural Gas Liquids or Power Plant Project Outputs: Full Written Printed Memo/report - with cash flow tabulation and sensitivity analysis similar to slides 8 & 9 in Lecture 46 - scenario analysis for provided cases - recommendation on whether to proceed supported by your thoughts of why or why not Report should include: Project statement Summary, conclusions and recommendation Description of model constructed and key variables Description of sensitivity analysis and case solutions Recommendation and why Report should assume reader was not present for oral presentation Oral Recommendation Presentation and Printed Power Point Presentation -Assume audience is senior management; 10 minutes; 12 slides max - Electronic copy of written report, Excel models and power point presentation
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Collaboration among other groups is permitted in order to share engineering and energy price concepts and Excel expertise, but projected reports, presentations and Excel models should be done on an individual group basis. Project is subject to Honor Code with above stipulations. Consultation with me is welcomed. Timeline Feb 23 Project groups determined Feb 23 Projects selected Mar 23 First Draft of Model and Sensitivities Due Mar 30 First Draft Returned (or sooner) (Each project group to meet with me)
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Project Assignment - CEVE 322_2_ - Project Assignment CEVE...

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