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engi150 case 1_F09 - ENGI 150 Case I: Environmental Impact...

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ENGI 150 Fall 2009 Case I: Environmental Impact of Electronic Device Disposal The emergence of new electronics and their rapid redesign has led to a significant increase in electronic waste or e-waste. E-waste includes discarded computers, televisions, cellular phones, and other electrical or electronic devices. According to Environmental Protection Agency estimates, 2.3 million tons of TVs, cellular phones, and personal computer products were ready for disposal in 2007 [1]. A recent example of a spike in e-waste occurred this summer. In June 2009, TV stations stopped broadcasting analog signals to comply with a mandate of the U.S. federal government. When TVs were developed, they all received analog signals; more recently, TVs that receive digital signals have been developed and marketed. While hard to estimate, it was predicted that millions of TVs could be discarded in the 12 months following the transition. Texas and many other states have voluntary recycling programs for cellular phones, televisions, computers and other electronic wastes. Many manufacturers are required to provide “drop off” locations for aging products. For example, Dell is required to accept old Dell computers with no cost to the customer. In Texas, the regulations for disposal after that point give manufacturers
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engi150 case 1_F09 - ENGI 150 Case I: Environmental Impact...

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