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ENGI150 case 2 - ENGI 150 Case II Model of Energy Loss...

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ENGI 150 Fall 2009 Case II: Model of Energy Loss through College Windows Rice University is currently in one of its most intense building periods in its history. Under construction or recently completed include residential colleges, the BRC, and a new recreation center. In the design of each building, the architects and engineers have made decisions about the fraction of the external surface of the building that should be covered with windows. Windows enhance the building by providing light and connection to the outside world. However, depending on their design, the energy lost through the windows can account for 10-25% of the energy costs of a building, especially in colder climates (DOE). Solutions to energy loss through windows in cold climates, such as double panes, are prevalent in parts of the world. New materials are constantly being developed, such as glazing and low emissivity coatings. More recent research has suggested that windows can be treated with materials that promote the capture of energy from light or possibly catalyze chemical reactions to improve indoor or outside air. As an energy auditor, your team is tasked with modeling the energy loss at two of Rice’s
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ENGI150 case 2 - ENGI 150 Case II Model of Energy Loss...

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