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Lect 5 problem solving and numbers

Engineering s differences between english papers and

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Unformatted text preview: s? Engineering s Differences between English papers and Differences technical reports? technical s Engineers use numbers to support arguments!! Reporting Physical Variables Physical variable: quantity, property, or quantity, variable that can be measured or calculated by multiplying or dividing other variables. by s Examples: s Physical variables should be specified as a Physical number with its appropriate unit. unit s Units Unit: specific value of a physical variable that specific has been defined by custom, convention, or law. law. s Examples: s 2 conventions for units s x SI (metric) x British (English) Unit Conversion “Mistakes in unit conversions are the most Mistakes frequent cause of errors in engineering calculations” (H&R). calculations” s Mars Climate Orbiter (’99) s Unit Conversion To convert a quantity in one unit to its To equivalent in another unit, multiply the given quantity by the conversion factor. quantity 3.4 in (2.54 cm) = 8.64 cm 3.4 (2.54 (1.0 in) (1.0 s Appendix A s Temperature and pressure ar...
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