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Lect 5 problem solving and numbers

Read the problem understand the problem s clearly

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Unformatted text preview: d the Problem Understand the problem s Clearly state objective of problem s Define the knowns and unknowns s State any assumptions given s 2. Explore It Draw a picture/figure s Find connections between data and Find unknowns unknowns s Consider related problems s Separate important and unimportant issues s 3. Select a Strategy Break problem apart, if necessary s Make necessary assumptions s Collect necessary extra information s Select main technical equations s Select relational or subordinate equations s 4. Solve Solve equations s Complete calculations s Work logically s Synthesis parts together, as necessary s 5. Look Back State answer clearly s Check units s Check if answer is reasonable and “makes Check sense” sense” s x Estimation x This This is hard to do as a novice, but is very important to learn. important Estimation Problems… 1. 2. Estimate the surface area of an averagesized man. Estimate the volume of an average-sized Estimate man. man. Creativity Innate vs. learned skill s Lots of interconnections to link knowledge s Qualitative and quantitative understanding s Visualization and drawing skills s Unbounded thinking s Broad interests s What are the… Differences between texts of Humanities and Differences Engineering course...
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