Lect 5 problem solving and numbers

S dimensions dimension generic unit of a physical

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Unformatted text preview: e different! s Dimensions Dimension: generic unit of a physical generic variable. s Symbols of L, M, T, θ , N used throughout the Symbols used text to identify the dimension of variables. text s 7 base variables (Table 13.1) s Examples: s SI Prefixes s Use appropriate multiplier so that number Use falls between 0.1 and 1000. falls x This is where you “think.” s Example: 1450 m should be 1.45 km s Example: 0.00034 m/s should be 0.34 mm/s In charts and tables, give all numbers with In same prefix. same s Table 13.6 gives SI prefixes. s 26 Rules for Writing SI Units (13.6) 5. Use the correct abbreviation A not Amp, s not sec 6. Space between symbol and number 5 m, not 5m 7. No period after symbol 5 m to the sidewalk, not 5 m. to the… AS. Put a zero before a decimal 0.3 m not .3 m Quantitation A significant figure is any digit, 1-9, used to significant specify a number. Zero may be a sig fig when it is not merely used to locate the position of the decimal. position s The # of sig figs used to report measured or The calculated variable is an indirect indication of the precision to which the va...
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