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Unformatted text preview: Engineering Ethics s s Brainstorm examples of ethical Brainstorm decisions you have made since at Rice. decisions Brainstorm examples of ethical Brainstorm decisions you can imagine making as an engineer. an Settling Conflicts Abstract Specific Abstract s Moral issues s Conceptual issues s Application issues s Factual issues Speed limit example Moral Theories Ethical egoism s Utilitarianism s Rights s s What to do when moral theories diverge? Ethical Egoism s An act is moral provided you act in your An enlightened self-interest. enlightened x Consider short- and long-term benefits. s Self-interest does not equal selfish behavior. x Isolated Isolated Utilitarianism An act is moral when it creates the most An good for the most people. good s Try to maximize the “Happiness objective Try function (HOF).” function s = Σ (Benefit)i (Importance)i - Σ (Harm)j (Importance) (Importance)j (Importance) x Benefit should outweigh importance. x HOF HOF s Applied to a community, not an individual. Utilitarianism Analysis Determine the target audience. s Brainstorm possible actions. s For each action, determine the harms, For benefits & importance to the target audience. benefits s Evaluate happiness objective function for Evaluate each action. each s Select action with highest happiness function. s Rights s An act is moral when it equally respects each An human being. human x Golden Rule s Hierarchy of rights: x Right to life, physical integrity, mental health. x Right to maintains one’s level of purposeful Right fulfillment (not cheated, robbed, etc.) fulfillment x Right to increase one’s level of purposeful Right fulfillment (self respect, nondiscrimination, etc.) fulfillment Rights Analysis Determine the target audience. s Brainstorm possible actions. s Evaluate the seriousness of the rights Evaluate infringement according to the above list. infringement s Choose the course of action that imposes the Choose least serious rights infringement. least s Case Studies s s Challenger Explosion Hyatt Walkway Hyatt Collapse NSPE Code of Ethics Protect the public safety, health, welfare. s Perform duties only in areas of competence. s Be truthful and objective. s Behave in honorable and dignified manner. s Continue learning to sharpen technical skills. s Provide honest hard work to clients. s Be involved in civic and community affairs. s NSPE Code of Ethics s Inform proper authorities of harmful, Inform dangerous or illegal activities. dangerous x Whistle blowing Protect the environment. [some] s Do not accept bribes or gifts that would Do interfere with engineering judgment. interfere s Protect confidential information. s Avoid conflicts of interest. s Resource Allocation How clean is clean? s What is the value of a human life? s x $200,000 - $8,000,000 for one life s Is risk different when voluntary vs. Is involuntary? involuntary? x Most assume different. x EPA estimates using “risk of death” values. Ethics Some things are black and white; some Some things are gray. things s What to do? s x Use reasoning and logic. x Ask a senior person for advice. x Usually resources in company. ...
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