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Unformatted text preview: Preparing a Resume Preparing Career Planning Lecture #Last Ref: Rice Center for Prof Development At the end of ENGI 150 At Better equipped to define and solve Better engineering problems. engineering s Improved communication skills. s Familiarity with engineering fields. s Appreciation of the complexities and Appreciation high level of integration required to solve real engineering challenges. solve s Next Steps?? Next Continue CHEM, PHYS, MATH s Between now and end of summer, Between select an engineering major select s – “Intro” courses for many fields in fall – Some (MECH) have course in spring s Summer job Final “Homework” Project Final s Develop a resume Develop a short-term (5-7 yr) career Develop plan plan Due on day of final: Thurs Dec 10 at 12 Due noon to Keck 109 noon s s Resume Resume Intended to get you an INTERVIEW s Differentiate yourself from competition s Well-organized s Concise (1 pg, font for aging folks) s Accomplishment focused s Steps to Develop a Resume Steps 1. 2. 3. Brainstorm Choose a format Decide what to include Brainstorm [1] Brainstorm List of experiences and skills s Consider s – Academic – Paid and volunteer work and experiences – Research projects – Extracurricular activities – Awards – Special skills – Languages Brainstorm [2] Brainstorm Organize information into categories s Tailor information to industry you are Tailor targeting targeting s – Might have a different resume for different Might internships, e.g. law vs. engineering internships, Chronological Resume Format Chronological Tradition, familiar s Experience listed in reverse chron order s Effective when applicable internships Effective and employment experiences and s Highlight past employers and titles s Can see promotions and responsibilities s “Typical” layout for engineering s Functional Resume Format Functional Qualifications and skills categorized by Qualifications function function s Highlights unique skills and knowledge s Work history is brief, at end s Ideal if experience not directly related to Ideal career objective or if background varied career s Combination Resume Format Combination s Combines above formats – More flexibility in organization Skills headings (like Functional) s Chronological within Skills (like Chron) s Best when consistent themes in one’s Best experience that demonstrate qualifications qualifications s Sections in Your Resume Sections s Heading: name, address, phone, email – Name: bold, larger font s Objective: statement of career interests – Optional – Use if job and resume not obviously linked – Specific, brief – Weigh use of space Education Section in Resume Education s Reverse chron – High school optional – State location (city, state) – Study abroad Major s Expected graduation s GPA (esp if above 3.0) s Work/Experience Section in Work/Experience Resume Resume Traditional jobs s Work-study s Internships s Volunteering s Significant academic assignments s Extracurricular s Each Work / Experience Should Include Should Name of employer/organization s Location (city, state) s Dates of employment s Position title s Responsibilities and accomplishments s Writing Work/Exp Sections Work/Exp Emphasize your contributions and Emphasize successes successes s Try not to write “this is what I did” s Emphasize transferrable skills s – Leadership – Teamwork – Initiative – Research – Creativity Writing Work/Exp Sections Work/Exp Action verb followed by noun s Hierarchy still matters s Facts and figures if you can s Examples 1. Under Graduate Student L. K. researching a new Under polymer 2. Research in Biomaterials Lab 2. s Characterizing a thermo-responsive polymer that has Characterizing applications in cranial defects. s Studying how the gel supports cell viability and Studying osteogenic differentiation. s Taking mass measurements and DNA assays; Taking maintaining viable cell cultures. maintaining 3. Research in Biomaterials Lab s Characterized thermo-responsive polymer to confirm Characterized applicability for in vivo cranial defects. applicability s Confirmed that polymer supports cell viability and Confirmed osteogenic differentiation. osteogenic [might put cell culture and DNA assays under “skills”] Other Sections in Resume Other Skills s Honors s Languages s Extracurricular s Interests or Hobbies s It is best to highlight significant or It interesting items rather than laundry list interesting Final Resume Notes Final One page, readable font s Connection between resume and job s Key points concise s Visually appealing, clean s View examples s http://cspd.rice.edu/emplibrary/Resume %20Writing%20Guide.pdf Personal Statement Personal ~2 page paper s Use worksheets to guide paper s Be reflective s – For you, not me… Short-Term Career Plan Short-Term 5-7 years s Educational and professional goals s – B.S. in XXX Eng – Industry job – Graduate school 1-2 sentences s Intended to get you thinking s Assess Yourself Assess Values s Interests s Personality s Skills s – Critical thinking – Research See VIPS handout (Owlspace) Links VIPS with Career Links Values should align s Skills should be used s Interests should be piqued s Personality should thrive Examples s In Career Plan, clearly state how VIPS In link with short-term career plan. link s Make Career Goal Real Make List 4-8 high-level OUTCOMES to List achieve goal achieve s Examples s – Complete B.S. degree in XXX – Hold 3 leadership positions – Refine written communication skills – Learn a second language – Obtain an industry position in large multinational company – Prepare for MBA program Ways/Methods/Paths to Achieve Outcome Achieve s Brainstorm 2-5 concrete things that you Brainstorm can do during next 5 years to achieve outcome outcome s Small goal is OK Consider talking with upper-classmen Think back on speakers’ experiences Examples of Ways/Paths to Achieve Outcomes Achieve s Complete B.S. degree in XXX s s s Establish who is major advisor; visit 2/yr Develop study group Keep checklist of degree requirements Take Spanish 5 of 7 remaining semesters Find summer internship in Spanish-speaking country Volunteer with 1-on-1 language tutoring with Rice staff s Learn a second language s s s Examples of Ways/Paths to Achieve Outcomes Achieve s Successful admission to graduate school s s s 2 summer research jobs Attend workshop on graduate school Consider research during semester at Rice Attend career fairs Interview thru Career Service starting sophomore year Refine resume 1/yr s Obtain 2 industry summer jobs s s s Links Outcomes with Career Links Methods/path point to Outcomes s Outcomes should point to professional/ educational goal s Realistic path forward Final “Homework” Project Final s Develop a resume Develop a personal statement Assignment + Worksheets + Resources Assignment posted on Owlspace posted s s ...
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