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PSYC101.001 C05 - 10/6/2009 Psychology 101.001...

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10/6/2009 1 Psychology 101.001 Developmental Psychology ± Developmental psychology physical, cognitive, and social changes throughout the life span ± Three issues pervade this study 1. relative impact of genes and experience on development? 2. gradual and continuous development or a sequence of separate stages? 3. stable or changing personality traits over the life span? PSYC 101.001 VILLADO 2 Developmental Psychology ± Focus of developmental research y physical y motor y cognitive y social PSYC 101.001 VILLADO 3
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10/6/2009 2 Developmental Psychology ± Stages of development y prenatal germinal embryo fetal y postnatal infancy childhood (early/middle/late) adolescence adulthood PSYC 101.001 VILLADO 4 Physical Development ± Brain development y human brain develops over during the majority of the prenatal stage develops up until the 28 th week nervous system is still immature y prenatal environment influences development teratogens alcohol (fetal alcohol syndrome) PSYC 101.001 VILLADO 5 PSYC 101.001 VILLADO 6
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PSYC101.001 C05 - 10/6/2009 Psychology 101.001...

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