PSYC101.001 C14

PSYC101.001 C14 - 12/7/2009 Psychological Disorders...

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12/7/2009 1 Psychological Disorders ± Defining psychological disorders y must be deviant distressful to the patient dysfunctional y are persistently harmful thoughts, feelings, and behaviors PSYC 101.001 VILLADO 2 Psychological Disorders ± Models of psychological disorders y medical model psychological disorders are mental illnesses mental illnesses need to be diagnosed mental illnesses are cured through treatment y biopsychosocial model psychological disorders are influenced by y genetic factors y physiological states y physiological dynamics y social and cultural circumstances PSYC 101.001 VILLADO 3
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12/7/2009 2 Psychological Disorders ± Diagnosing psychological disorders y DSM–IV–TR medical model (vs. biopsychosocial model) defines a diagnostic process 16 clinical syndromes organized into a multiaxial system PSYC 101.001 VILLADO 4 Psychological Disorders y DSM–IV axes axis I: clinical disorders y e.g., dementia, schizophrenia, eating and sleeping disorders
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PSYC101.001 C14 - 12/7/2009 Psychological Disorders...

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