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223 Lab FaradaysLaw

223 Lab FaradaysLaw - Helmholt z Coil Current(mA...

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Ryan Johnson PHYS 121A Lab 223: Faraday’s Law Objective : In this experiment, the voltage induced in a coil by a changing magnetic filed is measured and compared with the predictions of Faraday's Law. The source of the magnetic field will be a pair of Helmholz coils. Data: Conclusion: Although some of the results of theoretical and experimental seem to closely match, there is a huge error in the 400 and 100 Hz and a slightly less though still large error in the 200Hz measurement. This could have been caused by several different problems. First, the human error involved. We could have been measuring something else incorrectly, therefore the theoretical equation is off. Also, a machine could be off, producing or reading something different than it actually states.
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Unformatted text preview: Helmholt z Coil Current (mA) Frequency (Hz) Magnetic Field Bo from curve fit (mT) Theoretical peak EMF computed from equation (1) Experimental value of peak coil EMF measured by the computer RMS coil voltage from multimeter Computed peak coil from RMS Value 0.036 800 0.056 221.7060638 223.297 7.61 157.89482 0.15 400 0.048 95.01688446 148.81 7.62 105.22456 0.15 200 0.072 71.26266335 96.114 7.62 67.962861 0.15 100 0.043 21.27982308 84.899 7.62 60.032659 0.15 50 0.082 20.29006387 17.984 7.61 12.716608 N 700 Outside D 4.87 A 0.001125179 Inside D 2.7 Avg D 3.785 Avg R 1.8925 Avg R in m 0.018925...
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