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Classes #12-#23 - Landscape Architecture Class#12 Business...

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Landscape Architecture February 21, 2005 Class #12 Business Ethics vs. Design Guest Speaker: Van Cox Design service professional Sectors- private, public, academic Altruistic motives- service to mankind and nature. Specialized study and skills Product = ideas (yet these ideas are intangible and can’t be returned if the client doesn’t like it. If the client isn’t happy you have problems (legal or ethical). Fiduciary Relationship- This is the relationship of the landscape architect and the client, a position or relationship of trust. Agreement = contract Agency relationship- the Landscape Architect is the agent. Limited Agency Relationship- only an agent for as long as the project is going on. Sometimes the agent can exceed his job as an agent. Example: A towing company was contracted by a financial company to tow the cars that are using their parking lot to go the dance club. An attorney parked there and was towed but fought the tow charge. The attorney called the financial company and they said he could have his car and the towing company said no. The towing company exceeds their job. Liability- exposure one if subjected to. Fraud/ Negligence Misrepresent skills = Fraud Misapply skills = Negligence Expressed = what you can do by the state Implied = what your expected to do by society Licensure/Internships How do you protect you? We educate you. By making you go through a gate: getting a license to practice landscape architecture. And doing internships before you can get a license. What we are protecting: Public health, Safety, Welfare Breaches -Nonfeasance: failure to do a required act -Misfeasance: improper performance of an act Example- said in the contract that you would go to the site every week. You do go to the site, but you drink coffee and sit around in the office instead of walking around and inspecting the site. -Malfeasance- performance of an unlawful act. Not following codes and ordinances. Trouble Areas 1. Construction costs: estimates of probably cost
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2. Laws of State: codes and ordinances 3. Consultants: incompetence 4. Rights of adjourning landowners: regarding your land, trespassing. 5. Drawings and specifications: incomplete 6. Construction inspections: site visits, observations Landscape Architect Profile: 1. Good business man 2. Artist/designer- creative 3. Contractor 4. Diplomat 5. Attorney- legal pit falls 6. Saint- to survive Ethics covers your business practices that you deem right- Royalty, motivation, interpersonal attitude, manners, trustworthy, ethics, confidence, expertise, integrity, business “look” (aka- a coat, tie, slacks, etc.) A landscape architect must wear many hats: The Client, $$ You Three Parts The Public 1. You- your own conscious 2. Clients- money is usually their motivation 3. Public- Although it is just you and the client doing business, you also have to think of the public and their take on your design. *Only a narrow area that all three go together and work well with each other.
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Classes #12-#23 - Landscape Architecture Class#12 Business...

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