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Assigned Reading Notes - Landscape Architecture 1201...

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Landscape Architecture 1201 Reading Assignment Notes Reading Assignment #1 10/21/08 “Architecture,” Eckbo, G. The Landscape We See, p. 75-95, Selected portion Architecture – the highest art of building a product of the construction industry function is to give leadership to that industry in solving the shelter problems of society man’s most creative and inspiring contribution to the humanized landscape great tradition of bringing magnificent order out of manifold complexities, of putting great quantities of highly variable members and elements together in such a way as to give the result a new and special identity, greater than the mere accumulation of parts. Provides liaison between technology and human needs, guiding the former to serve the latter. A radical force in the landscape; landscape design is a conservative force building harmonious coexistence between the new and the old. Most landscape problems – except parks – are intimately involved with buildings (architecture) o Relations between these design processes are constant and unavoidable o Differ in certain very important aspects: Material : Architecture – uses complex variety of construction materials. Landscape Architecture – uses primarily the materials of the natural landscape Discipline : by technique and function is usually less in landscape architecture Scale : of Architecture is a compound of human scale and structural economy, often reflecting the site scale. Of landscape architecture is a compound of human scale and site scale, often reflecting the scale of the surrounding landscape. Continuity : Architecture tends to produce buildings which are complete and self-sufficient works of art, however carefully they may be related to the site. Landscape architecture must almost always establish relations or connections between building, site, and surrounding landscape. It tends to establish continuity between them, must relate itself to their forms, and rarely be self- sufficient. When architecture involves groups of buildings or adds to existing groups, it also becomes concerned with continuity - usually a continuity of prime building concept rather than of open-space design. The difference is in whether one views the development as an expanded architectural work of art on a neutral base or as a street-plaza-park work of art with a neutral background, or as a balance of both. Architecture in the Landscape o Single site, buildings usually dominate the landscape, as well as their own interior design. o But general broad landscape design must dominate buildings, which become a kind of interior design for landscape space. o
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Assigned Reading Notes - Landscape Architecture 1201...

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