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Final Test - 1 In order to be the designer of an impressive...

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1. In order to be the designer of an impressive exhibit, it is beneficial to have a background that includes: design ability, teaching ability, a knowledge of construction, and the science of museum operations. 2. In the interpretive swamp Exhibit of the Audubon zoo visitors find the following along the walkway: Animal exhibits, exhibits about people of the swamp 3. the use of water in an environmentally sensitive manner might include: the use of landscape planting designs, recycling water, correctly designing and maintaining irrigation systems, creating water codes and displays that conserve water. 4. Most adventure playgrounds: include whimsical replicas of tropical islands and dragons or equipment based on children’s themes, encouraged children to use materials like scrap lumber to build their own play environments, do not allow adult managers or supervisors. 5. Through what 2 processes does a child develop intelligence: assimilation and accommodation 6. In playground design, provisions for parents should be: comfortable and have easy access and visibility of playground. 7. The reason that psychologist tell us that water and sand can provide that child with an excellent play experience is : that these materials can respond to manipulation by the child, that these materials offer the possibilities for variation, that these materials can be moved (rearranged). 8. As noted in the article, “kids don’t need equipment, they need opportunity,” most public play areas lack: skilled supervision, and freedom and challenges for the children. 9. The Portland forecourt fountain addressed safety by: using the lips of waterfalls as safety features. 10.As the design for scotlandville park proceeded, a decision was made to: use bicycle and pedestrian pathways to create a linear park linking different usage areas. 11.Scotlandville park features: multiple uses of the highway right a way, interconnection of the community pathways, a linear park, nature areas in the floodplain. 12.The Scotlandville park plans calls for: draining the floodplain to provide more space for the park, preserving the natural vegetation 13.For the Scotlandville bypass highway:the design team planned and designed the joint use development. 14.The goals of the new Orleans waterfront renovation included which of the following: improving the visitors ability fo get close to the water,
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creation of links between Jackson square, the French market, and the waterfront, use of artillery park as a vantage point to the river and Jackson square 15.The French quarter projects that were shown by Max illustrated how the planning of: links and nodes are incompatible with modern
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Final Test - 1 In order to be the designer of an impressive...

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