Test 2! - 1. The length of time a consumer waits for a...

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1. The length of time a consumer waits for a credit card authorization, is an example of a ___________ random variable. a. Continuous b. discrete 2. Which of the following concerning the probability distribution of a discrete random variable false? a. Each f(x)> 0 b. E f(x)= 1.0 c. E (x) =1.0 d. E (x) = E xf(x) 3. Point estimates based on simple random samples almost always differ somewhat from the corresponding population parameters. What do statisticians assume to be the main cause of these differences? a. Improper use of random number tables b. Changes that occur over time c. Sampling error d. Intentional distortion 4. Which of the following is false concerning the normal distribution? a. The standard deviation reflect the amount of dispersion in the data b. The mean determines the shape of the curve c. The empirical rule may be used if the distribution is normal
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d. If the mean=mode=median, the distribution is symmetrical 5. Which of the following is true concerning the finite population correction factor? a. It increases the size of the standard error b. It adjusts the point estimate of (standard error) when the population is finite and the sample is a relatively large proportion of the population c. Using the population correction factor when it is not required significantly alters results, possibly leading to major errors in decision-making A simple random sample of traffic tickets issued over a 5 month period by the Port Allen Police Department is shown here: {94, 100, 85, 94, 92} 6. What is the point estimate of the population mean? Select the range of values that contains your answer. a.
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Test 2! - 1. The length of time a consumer waits for a...

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