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Notes for Midterm

Notes for Midterm - Communication Studies 1061 Notes...

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Communication Studies 1061 Notes 1/21/09 – Class #4: Symbol – anything that stands in or represents something else o Verbal : words o Nonverbal : handshake, use of color, facial expression Communication Meanings (3) that work invisibly: 1. Way we derive meaning works invisibly Prescribe meaning to certain things Meaning is invisible in and of itself (humans decided what words symbolize certain things 2. Symbols and the meanings we attach to them are completely subjective Varies from person to person Based on personal relationship or experience with that symbol 3. Take for granted communication is learned Learn through a process to communicate with others Communication based on the experiences we’ve learned We continually learn and relearn communication Learn through the process of communication Learn who you are through the process of communication Different features of Communication: 1. All communication is based on the use of symbols (verbal and nonverbal) 2. Communication is a continual process (doesn’t have a beginning or end) (ongoing) You can never not communicate. 3. Communication is systemic (occurs within systems – series of parts that are interrelated that affect one another) Communication differs on the system you’re operating in 4. Communication consists of creating messages and also responding to messages
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5. Communication involves adapting to people and to the environment in which we communicate REVIEW: -Communication based on symbols -ongoing -systemic -creating and responding to messages -adaptation 1/23/09 – Class #5: Ideas about the process of Communication: 1. Linear (in a sequence) Model Created in 1948 One way process Needs certain elements: A speaker (sender, source, agent, performer) Person who creates and sends a message sends message through a channel A channel
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Notes for Midterm - Communication Studies 1061 Notes...

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