Final Study Guide COMPLETED!

Final Study Guide COMPLETED! - Landscape Architecture 1203...

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Unformatted text preview: Landscape Architecture 1203 Reading Section Study Guide-David Harman tells us several things in the beginning paragraph-Something about the author and who the author happens to be and the time frame of the piece-Other things the author is known for and why David Harmon selected that author or that piece for that inclusion in that particular anthology-Know names of the authors and what they wrote-know what the piece is all about-know quotes of pieces What author is the last in the book by David Ha rmon? Wallace Stegner The Marks of Human Passage . Bernard De Voto wrote the epilogue. What was Wallace Stegner w riting about? Echo Canyon , about a dam, same river, pushing a cart through the halls of Congress showing him a video on two Yosemites we loss the Hetch Hetchy, what national park might we lose another. Dinosaur and Echo Park . Echo Canyon is in what park? Dinosaur , that pushing that cart was to stop the dam at Dinosaur Did they build the dam at Dinosaur? No . Stegner wrote the first chapter of This is Dinosaur , a summary of the exploration of the canyons-and a reminder of what would be lost if the dam were built. A copy of the book was sent to every Senator and Representative. Later that year Congress finally quashed the dam plans. Why didnt they build the dam at Dinosaur? The conservation movement matured and became politically strong officially stopped it. The coming of age that is becoming politically strong led to the stoppage of that dam. And thats why it was at the very end. Rocks were unstable also. Who was Wallace Stegner? The Biography of John Wesley Powelll who went down the Colorado, explored the Colorado. And so he was very familiar with that Green River. And so Stegner was very much attuned to Powell and that area, that landscape, and De Voto invited Stegner to participate and get involved in that controversy at Echo Park. Devote and Stegner were friends. What was De Votos position; what kind of credentials did he have; what was his job ? Journalist, historian, critic, editor, teacher, and novelist. In everything he was a controversialist. Harper Magazine, he set up the easy chair, his writing position for the magazine, which really meant that he had a large public that wanted to read the magazine because he was in it because he was a brief contributor. Wrote Westward Expansion Across the Wide Missouri and won a Pulitzer Prize the next year So why is having a large public a part of the story? It helped to create that political power. What is it that Wallace Stegner wrote? The Biography of Powell and The Marks of Human Passage , as they went through Echo Park. Why do we have Dinosaur Nation Park, Nation Monument? There was a push to make it a National Park because of t rying to protect dinosaur bones found in the area....
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Final Study Guide COMPLETED! - Landscape Architecture 1203...

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