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Class%2014%20%20--%20Group%20Work%20Day - Class 14 Group...

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Unformatted text preview: Class 14: Group Work Day MGTS 3401 Cummings As a Self­Managed Team ► Make progress on both parts of your Group Plan (due Wed, 14 October) Group Contract First 3 steps of the Group Project ► Please read and follow carefully the “Detailed Instructions for Project Plan” in the “Group Analysis Project” folder. MGTS 3401 Cummings For Monday For Monday ► Finish Reading Chapter 3 on Attitudes (the remaining section about “Job Satisfaction”) ► Write your answers to the FNT questions, for possible collection. ► Bring your second copy of completed MGTS 3401 Cummings Section IV (Part II, about your job), of the “Short October Survey), to class. ...
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