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Unformatted text preview: Class 20: Negotiation MGTS 3401 Cummings Negotiation Planning I ► Target or Aspiration Point ► Resistance Point or Reservation Point MGTS 3401 Cummings Negotiation Planning II ► Target or Aspiration Point ► Resistance Point or Reservation Point ► Planning Strategy and Tactics MGTS 3401 Cummings Strategy versus Tactics ►Strategy: The approach plan to achieve one’s goals in a negotiation ►Tactics: Short­term, adaptive moves designed to enact or pursue broad strategies Tactics are subordinate to strategy Tactics are driven by strategy MGTS 3401 Cummings ►Actions: What, exactly, will I do or say? Distributive Bargaining Reach agreement most favorable to self; Claim Value in a Fixed Pie vs. Integrative Negotiations Create Value for multiple parties, Enlarge the Pie; Then Claim Value for Self, piece of larger pie. MGTS 3401 Cummings Tactics Good Cop, Bad cop Deadline Opening hi/low Share information Give reason to trust Flexibility Add issues Generate alternate ideas MGTS 3401 Cummings As a group: Create a “Prep” Sheet ► Agree upon a single Target ► Agree upon a a single Resistance Point ► Agree upon Strategy (Distributive or Integrative) ► Agree upon Tactics that fit that Strategy ► Generate some “scripted” statements or questions Make sure all your names are on this page… MGTS 3401 Cummings Ground Rules ► Only selected member negotiates for each side; other members listen attentively, make notes ► Can break to “caucus” and confer with own group, and come back, if both negotiating “Pat” and “Chris” agree ► Terms and signatures to me MGTS 3401 Cummings Negotiating…. MGTS 3401 Cummings Rate Satisfaction 1 High Dissatisfied 3 Slightly Dissatisfied 5 Slightly Satisfied 7 Highly Satisfied •Every member privately rate satisfaction. •Then average your Group’s Satisfaction, and write that average on your Group’s Prep Sheet •Bring this sheet, and your individual members’ typed FNTs for today, to the front MGTS 3401 Cummings What makes a Negotiation successful? MGTS 3401 Cummings ► Read For Wednesday Part of Chapter 2 (pp. 53 – 64). Chapter 6: Motivation Concepts ► This is a very important chapter in this course. ► Be prepared to discuss “For Next Time” questions. They are designed to help you better understand, and retain, this material. MGTS 3401 Cummings ...
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