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Unformatted text preview: What is HR Planning? What Concrete plan for fulfilling future staffing Concrete needs needs Cooperate with strategic planners Outcome is a written action plan Clearer objectives and more formalized Clearer processes will lead to more useful results (Lam & Schaubroeck) (Lam 2/4/2010 1 Parts of an HR Plan Parts Future HR Needs (Demand) Current HR Availability (Supply) Skills Inventory Job/Skills Directory Training Availability Shortages Surpluses 2 Gap Analysis 2/4/2010 Parts of an HR Plan Parts Reconciliation of Gaps Timeframe Include short and long-term plans Sources of labor Current Employees or New Make or Buy Exceptional or Acceptable Talent Regular or Contingent Workers US or International Workers Consideration of impact on workforce 3 2/4/2010 Implementation of Analysis Implementation Judgment Techniques Statistical Techniques Regression/Trend Analysis Transition Matrix (Markov Analysis) Combination of both most realistic 2/4/2010 4 ...
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