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Unformatted text preview: Staffing Process Staffing Recruitment Finding people to apply Finding Who is qualified? How do we know? Deciding which candidate to offer job Reaching agreement 1 Selection Selection Employment 2/11/2010 Staffing Model Staffing Match individuals to jobs Job tasks & KSAOs = Individual Skills Job Rewards = Individual Motivations Two way street Organization continuously drops people from Organization process process Individuals may self-select out at any point 2/11/2010 2 What is Recruitment? What Finding people to apply for jobs. Will require input from line managers Works with HR Planners and Trainers 2/11/2010 3 Labor Supply Labor Will depend on unemployment rate Internal Efficient Source if trained May be only source Extra recruiting needed Availability not under company control External 2/11/2010 4 Unions and Laws Unions Unions Seniority Systems Union shop provisions EEO Immigration Reform & Control Act Employment at Will Laws 2/11/2010 5 Internal Recruiting Internal Posting a job List of all jobs available in company List Employees apply before they are opened to Employees external recruiting external Usually have restrictions Usually Fosters cross training 2/11/2010 6 Quasi-External Recruiting Quasi-External Employee Referral Programs Current employees are paid a bonus Current Research strongly supports Research Applicants know more about firm Pre-screened by employee 2/11/2010 7 External Recruitment External Walk Ins Internet Internet Newspapers Newspapers Trade/professional publications Employment agencies College Recruiting Job Fairs Internships 2/11/2010 8 Help Wanted: Help Seeking employee to work nights in home health setting. Must be a newly registered LPN from a good school. Courtesy, good communication skills, and ability to take direction from others required. Pretty/handsome candidates with strong religious beliefs preferred. Email resume to [email protected] to 2/11/2010 9 Job Advertisement Job What should be included in an ad? Basic job info Location Company name Contact information Discriminatory language Compensation? 10 10 What should not be included? 2/11/2010 Evaluation Evaluation Which sources work? Measures – Yield Ratios Number of Applicants Number of Hires Performance of Hires Tenure of Hires Costs of sources 2/11/2010 11 11 ...
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