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FLCHTEX3ANS - d Identify the alternative paths(branches To...

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GRANT R = 50/hr 10 RECORD 25 REVIEW 34 6 REJECT ADJUST 3 3 3 FMIS 3301 PROCESS FLOWCHARTING EXERCISE ANSWERS 1. Existing Claims Review process a. Identify the process boundaries: Entry to Recording, exit after Review or Adjustment b. Identify the subprocesses Recording, Review, Adjustment c. Identify the buffers Recording buffer (10), Review buffer (25), Adjustment buffer (3)
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Unformatted text preview: d. Identify the alternative paths (branches): To Adjust; Exits to Grant, Reject, e. Draw the flowchart representing this process. f. Assumptions: completeness, accuracy, stable system (output=input, no trend), all input/exit points identified, one-way flows, process boundaries are after Review and/or Adjustment....
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