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FMIS 3301 QUEUING EXERCISE 1 1. A photo printing service has a single machine that processes pictures as they arrive. Arrivals occur an average of every 45 seconds (a rate of 80/hour), with a standard deviation of 27 seconds. The machine can print 1 picture in a constant 30 seconds. a. What is the mean time in hours that a picture spends in the system? b. How many pictures would be waiting to be printed? 2. Customers arrive at QuickNacho at an average rate of 0.75 per minute, and are served by a four servers at an average rate of 0.25 per minute. Assume Poisson arrival and service rates. a. What is the average waiting time in the queue?
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Unformatted text preview: b. What is the average number of customers at QN? c. How long would a customer spend at QuickNacho if one more server were added? 3. An office server can be accessed by remote or direct connections. During peak time, queries arrive through remote every 10 seconds and through direct every 5 seconds both with a SD of 2s; the server can handle an average of 25 queries per minute with a SD of 3s a. About how much time on the average does a query wait for response? b. Approximately how many queries will be waiting to be processed, on average?...
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