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Unformatted text preview: Class 13: Attitudes I MGTS 3401 Cummings MGTS 3401 Cummings Goals and Metrics Goals and Metrics ► Some very nice ideas! ► Specs? ► Level: How many, how much? Target Numbers ► Measures and Metrics? Thumbs Short survey questions? When? Who rates? MGTS 3401 Cummings Fine­tuning our Individual “Goals” Fine­tuning our Individual “Goals” ► Be more extroverted ► Transfer into # of specific behaviors you’ll try Contribute meaningfully in class 3 x per participation period? MGTS 3401 Cummings Fine­tuning our Group “Goals” Fine­tuning our Group “Goals” ► Get an A ► Learn Something ► Cohesive Team ► Equal Participation Quantity Effort Quality? MGTS 3401 Cummings Best Practices ► Immediate Serious discussion about Contract Measurable Target for each individual and group goal Look at “FAQs” ► Over the whole project Technique: Agendas and expectations for meetings Advantages of your group’s Private Message space Making the most of every step; using one to improve the next (sequential interdependence) MGTS 3401 Cummings Sequential Interdependence a b c d e x MGTS 3401 Cummings Group Analysis Project Ask a good Interview Question Translate to a Variable Read Approved Article(s) on Variable Preliminary Hypothesis Gather Data from Organization Analysis and Inference Read more Focused Approved Article(s) on Variable Revised Hypothesis Second, more focused Data Collection Final Analysis of WHY things are the way they are Regarding this variable MGTS 3401 Cummings Your Recommendations Pooled Interdependence a e X b d MGTS 3401 Cummings c Reciprocal Interdependence a e b x d MGTS 3401 Cummings c 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. Three Deliverables ­­ One Semester­long Project Find a contact person in actual organization; memo committing to work with you Short Unstructured Interview with this person Translate that to 1 or 2 OB or Mgmt “Variables” Read 1 or 2 a...
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