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Unformatted text preview: s/Heuristics List of Short Cuts/Heuristics Selection Stage – we select using these features of the stimuli: Contrast Intensity Novelty Change Translation Stage – we attach meaning based on: Halo Stereotyping Primacy Effect Recency Effect Organizing Stage – we group features based on: Similarity Figure Ground Closure MGTS 3401 Cummings “What issues are exciting, changing, or challenging in this organization right now?” ► Start Broad ► Then, Narrow Listen…. Separate questions ► Exciting versus Challenging versus Changing ► “So, x is what is exciting; what issues are most challenging for ► Probe (follow up) you? ► “So, x is what has challenged your organization/department in the last year; what changes are likely to come next?” “So, tell us more about x….” MGTS 3401 Cummings ► Employment Interview Perception in Organizations ► Performance Expectations Perceptual biases of raters affect the accuracy of interviewers’ judgments of applicants. Self­fulfilling prophecy (Pygmalion effect): The lower or higher performance of employees reflects preconceived leader expectations about employee capabilities. Appraisals are often the subjective (judgmental) perceptions of appraisers of another employee’s job performance. MGTS 3401 Cummings ► Performance Evaluations Individuals in Organizations Employee’s ’ Attitudes, Feelings, Beliefs, Intentions Structure Climate Culture Working Conditions Security Pay Co-Workers MGTS 3401 Cummings Job Design Technology Policies What caused Chris Black and Mary Martin’s Performance? ► Ability ► Effort ► Difficult Job ► Coworkers ► Luck MGTS 3401 Cummings What explains these results? what extent was each of the following a cause of ____’s performance? 1 2 3 4 5 Very little very much Low Ability Low Effort Difficult Job Unproductive Coworkers Luck You are Chris 2.29 3.82 3.93 2.43 2.44 Mary 2.94 3.92 3.19 1.81 1.35 MGTS 3401 Cummings Errors and Biases in Attr...
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