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Unformatted text preview: rticles from Approved Journals on that variable Write tentative hypotheses Design first data collection Conduct first Data collection Integrate data results with reading, tentative hypothesis; what is tentative causal explanation? What’s missing, confusing? Read another 1 or 2 articles from Approved Journal Second data collection Write up causal explanation of why things are the way they are Make a few concrete recommendations that address the MGTS 3401 Cummings cause Group Analysis Project Ask a good Interview Question Translate to a Variable Read Approved Article(s) on Variable Preliminary Hypothesis Gather Data from Organization Analysis and Inference Read more Focused Approved Article(s) on Variable Revised Hypothesis Second, more focused Data Collection Final Analysis of WHY things are the way they are Regarding this variable MGTS 3401 Cummings Your Recommendations Inference Data MGTS 3401 Cummings Data from which we make an inference Research Designs ► Case Study ► Field Survey ► Lab Experiment ► Field Experiment Data Collection Techniques ► Structured Observation ► Unstructured interview ► Structured interview ► Survey ► Experiment MGTS 3401 Cummings Types of Interviews Unstructured Interview ►Broad Question ►Open­Ended Semi—Structured Structured Interview Interview ►Standard Questions ►Standard questions ►Single specific topic Question ►Then listen ►Just keep responder focused on topic ►Responder controls for each ►Same order ►Same wording Open­ended responses length and content of response ►Responder answers on a numerical scale e.g. (1 – 5, or 1­7). MGTS 3401 Cummings The Perceptual Process Sensation a b c d e Selection Organization Translation S e n s o r y f i l t e r s S e l e c t i o n f i l t e r s S t i m u l i a c g h l m p r s t v a c g h l m p r s t v a c g h l m p r s t v a&c h p r&s h p r s h p r s u v w x y z MGTS 3401 Cummings Adapted from Pierce & Adapted Gardner, 2002 Gardner, Stimuli interpretation Physical sensation Stimuli organization Stimuli acceptance a c a c List of Short Cut...
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