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exam 3 2009 - Name: _ MCMP 442 Exam III 8:00 PM, WTHR 200...

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Name: _________________________________________ MCMP 442 Exam III 8:00 PM, WTHR 200 April 9, 2009 Instructions: 1. There are 9 pages including the cover and 32 questions. Please make sure that you have all of the pages before you start working on the examination. The LAST page (page 9) is a list of “alternate drug names” for your information; it may be more convenient for you to remove the last page (carefully!) for easier access as you work through the exam. 2. Please write your name at the top of this page NOW. Please fill out your information on the scan sheet NOW. 3. Be SURE to enter your answers to questions 1 – 30 on the scan sheet. The answers to questions 31 – 32 should be written directly on the exam sheet. 4. Read each question carefully before you start to answer it. If you have questions about the exam, please ask! Regrade policy: 1. If you feel that a question has not been graded correctly, return the exam within one week to Professor Borch. Attach a note about the error. The entire exam will be regraded. This means that you could gain or lose points. 2. If there is an error in addition of points, return the exam with a note to that effect. The examination will be re-totaled but not regraded.
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2 (36 points) For each of the following questions, choose the single best answer. 1. Tamoxifen decreases bone density in premenopausal women but increases bone density in postmenopausal women. On the basis of these effects one can best characterize tamoxifen as a(n): a) Aromatase inhibitor b) Progesterone receptor antagonist c) Androgen receptor antagonist d) Androgen receptor partial agonist e) Estrogen receptor partial agonist 2. Leuprolide: a) Inhibits GnRH production (leupron desensitizes/downregulates receptors, not GnRH) b) Has significant toxicity to the bone marrow c) Is useful for the treatment of advanced prostate cancer d) Is useful for the treatment of metastatic colon cancer e) a) and c) 3. Which of the following drugs exerts its antitumor activity by targeting the EGF (epidermal growth factor) receptor pathway? (pathway includes receptor and downstream actions) a) Erlotinib b) Bortezomib c) Cetuximab d) Tretinoin e) a) and c) 4. Which of the following drugs require(s) that the dose be adjusted downward in a patient with
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exam 3 2009 - Name: _ MCMP 442 Exam III 8:00 PM, WTHR 200...

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