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Name ______ANSWER KEY____________________________ Please circle the correct answer. Each question worth 0.5 points. 1. This drug inhibits fungal cell wall synthesis a. micafungin b. griseofulvin c. terbinafine d. nystatin 2. What fungal enzyme is the target of voriconazole? a. Squalene epoxidase b. 14 α -demethylase c. ergosterol synthase d. β -1,3 glucan synthase 3. This antifungal drug targets thymidylate synthase. a. Miltefosine
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Unformatted text preview: b. fluconazole c. flucytosine d. thymidosine 4. This cytokine has broad-spectrum antiviral activity. a. . CCR5 b. CXCR4 c. interferon d. interleukin alpha 5. True or false? Enfuvirtide binds to HIV GP41 and blocks virus entry. 6. True or false? NRTIs that are analogs of the same base should be used in combination to increase intracellular concentration and improve efficacy....
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