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quix 2 09 - Your Name(Q g MCMP 442 Extra Credit Quiz 2 2009...

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Unformatted text preview: Your Name (Q g MCMP 442 Extra Credit Quiz 2 2009 5 Points Chloramphenicol succinate is metabolized in the liver. Draw the structure of the metabolite that is formed. 0 ONa 0U ?U-\/\ E) l at u torture gs»... ~ .\ :27 was? OgN HN O yx’S \/ H one. 02‘ W Nola 53w erowfie‘a‘ 2 ‘ ‘0 13.01an MW gnu? T3 mea Which of the following aminoglycoside antibiotics would you recommend as a single IM injection for treatment of urogenital or oral gonorrhea (circle one). Streptomycin Kanamycin A @ Circle the structure of the ma'or metabolite of linezolid. 346% Which of the following sulfonamldes 1s a prodrug that is metabolized to a biologically active species by intestinal bacteria (circle one). Name the bacterial enzyme that carries out the following process. a’i—p [(7’) Pa% Owl DNA Tfim DNA 3% r (Abe—- E": ......r-- m-V—z 7’6,— TOWOWDOWM ‘U 0 * ”Hypo? DOM recall <5 auubtmomw deaden— (1)95 ‘DlQ-Px- no‘l" TOPI ...
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