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Purdue Student ID # ________ KEY ______________ MCMP 408 Quiz #1 January 22, 2008 30 Points Directions: 1. PRINT your student ID number on all pages. 2. There are six questions provided. Each question is worth six points. You may choose five questions that you wish counted toward the total of 30 points. 3. Extra credit of up to half credit will be given if you choose to answer all six questions. You should indicate which question you would like graded for extra credit by circling the question number. If all six questions are answered and no specific question has been designated for extra credit, then question #6 will be considered for the extra points. 4. All questions are designed to be answered in 2-3 sentences and must be answered in ink if you want the quiz considered for any regrade (see course syllabus for regrade policy). Please write or print your answers legibly – remember, if we can’t read it you will not be given credit. 5. The professor will signal the end of the quiz at which point all quizzes must be turned in IMMEDIATELY! Failure to do so will result in zero points on the quiz.
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Last Six Digits of Student ID#__ KEY _ ______ Answer the following questions in the space provided. 1. Pharmacogenetic analysis shows that the U.S. population displays a variety of genetic variants of CYP2D6 in which multiple alleles (genes) of the enzyme can be expressed. Many opioid analgesics such as codeine undergo bioactivation by CYP2D and changes
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MCMP%20408%20Quiz%201%20-%202008 - Purdue Student ID #...

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