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Reading Assignment #2 1. Why did 19 th century physicists believe that the universe was filled with“luminiferous ether”? What would Michelson and Morley have found in their experiment if the ether was real? The 19 th century physicists believed that the universe was filled with a lumuniferous ether because it explained how light traveled across space and was needed because light and electromagnetism were seen as waves and vibrations. Michelson and Morley built an interferometer that could measure the velocity of light. They used the instrument to discover if the ether was real in Newton’s law. If the ether was real, Michelson and Morley would have found that the speed of light was not the same speed in all directions and season, rather they found that the speed was the same. 2. What was so unusual about the world of quantum physics? How does the universe on a quantum level depart from the universe we perceive every day? What is radical about Heisenberg and Schrodubger’s ideas? Why didn’t Einstein agree with them?
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