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Laboratory Outline Five Planets Orbiting 55 Cancri 1. Question and Hypothesis: The author(s) question is asking are there five planets orbiting 55 cancri? Their  prediction of the answer is that the current velocity is incoherent noise. This particular  question is important at large because it helps us determine if the five planets actually  exist.   Materials develop in heavy elements fell into the atmosphere from a Protoplanetary disk. The new discovers that the authors found were the five planets. They are not verifying a previous study. 2. Tests:    The authors test the hypothesis by measuring the noise of the orbits and their velocity.  They also used Dooplers measurements the distance/velocities of the planets.   3. Figures:   Figures that are included in the paper are the measurements of velocity of the time/year 
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Unformatted text preview: for 55 cnc, period gram of the residuals to Keplerian’s model, table one velocities for 55 Cancri, power and orbital days, peak heights, orbital parameters for the five planet model, orbital phase, and photometry of 55 cancri. These figures show the evidence of the mass, velocity, orbits, and phases of the 5 planets. 4. Conclusion: In 2007, they found that the 5 planets were orbiting the yellow dwarf and that one of the planets had a similar mass of Neptune while another planet had the same mass as Jupiter. 5. Further tests: No Further tests that were used to discover the planets. 6. Mainstream Article: Articles that were missing were the ones that talk about how the planets were discovered, and what lead the authors to find 55 cancri....
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