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Bild HW Cells cloning - 2 When using any of these types of...

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Anthony Bahena David and Friends Bild 10 February 17, 2010 Homework 6 1. Embryonic stem cells are considered unethical because they are made from embryos that have not been assigned a specific job. Scientist believe that these cells if used properly can cure diseases such as Parkinson’s disease. While the process itself is made from in a laboratory it is still considered unethical by many. IPS cells are made when scientist use viruses in order to reprogram the cell into creating the embryonic cells that they need. This method has seen a great deal of success lately including in rats. SCNT cells are made using a laboratory and are used for as the first process in reproductive cloning. Out of the three the best technique so far seems to be IPS since it has seen the most success, while SCNT was a good start in the field of cloning, it involves using the egg and having its cells reprogrammed to match those around it.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. When using any of these types of cells it is reasonable to see why it may seem unethical. One of the main reasons I see embryonic is that it involves embryos and to most people embryos signifies something sacred, which is life. When looking into cultures life is something that is praised and many worldviews shun the thought of people playing God. With IPS cells it seems unethical to manipulate cells to do other functions, but I am in no way opposed since this could lead to many break through that we have been waiting for and scientist as well as cultures have been manipulating things for many years. SCNT is controversial again dealing with the whole life issue life is not something that should be played with, but for science if the cells would go to waste anyway it should be fine if it means saving many lives....
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Bild HW Cells cloning - 2 When using any of these types of...

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