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Bild HW2 - while 39% percent of women will get cancer as...

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Anthony Bahena HW2 Bild 10 Section David and Friends Due: January 22, 2010 Questions for “Evolved for Cancer” 1) What theory does “Evolved for Cancer” propose about the high prevalence of cancer in humans? Why? Answer: The theory presented in “Evolved for Cancer” is that natural selection is the cause of cancer since we have evolved into multi celled organism and by being multi-celled organisms we are susceptible to cancer. This is because cancer is caused by the uncontrollable multiplication of cells within the body and the more cells reproduce the more likely we will get cancer is the theory it presents. It even goes as far as to say that the only way to combat cancer might be to change the way we are born altogether since 45% of men will get cancer within their life time
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Unformatted text preview: while 39% percent of women will get cancer as well. The theory presented is hard to combat since there may be multiple reasons why the cancerous cells are growing uncontrollably. 2) If this theory is true, what effect might increasing cancer rates have on you in your future career? Answer: The effect that increasing cancer rates would have in my career is not much since I really do not fear cancer or death by natural causes beyond my control. The profession I am pursuing is that of a lawyer and by being a lawyer it would be difficult to practice if I was diagnosed with cancer, but being the highly competitive person I am it would only make me work harder. Some people may see cancer as a death sentence, but I view it as a way of life until we find a cure....
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Bild HW2 - while 39% percent of women will get cancer as...

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