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Anthony Bahena Bild 10 David and Friends February 1, 2010 1. How do scientists use DNA bar coding to tell the difference between the DNA of 2 species that look very similar? Answer: Scientist use the DNA bar coding by looking at the mitochondria DNA which according to the article is inherit from the mother. From that gene there is an enzyme called cytochromec oxidase, which is given by CO1, this is what is given in order to barcode most animals today with our current technology. This segment of DNA is able to show enough difference among species that it shows a clear enough distinguish to even tell two very similar species apart. It works well enough today that it is used among every different kind of creature from land and sea. 2. What other possible applications can you envision for this technique that were not mentioned in the article? For example: How could DNA bar coding change the food industry? How about regulation of hunting and trafficking of endangered species?
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Unformatted text preview: Answer: Bar coding would make it much easier to rid of your home from unwanted pests by making it possible to distinguish which pest was in your home and making it easier to take proper measures in ridding your house pests. It would also change the food industry since consumers would know if what was being sold is truly what it is, such as China and its counterfeit eggs that are made from chemicals. 3. How do you think DNA bar coding might one day be applied to humans? Answer: DNA bar coding would be used on humans in order to distinguish family members from imposters if it was able to get that specific. It would also makes it possible for humans, although I feel this may not necessarily be a good thing, for authenticity of race in a person, such as when people claim to be N ative American in their college applications, but are not truly Native American....
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Bild10HW4 - Answer: Bar coding would make it much easier to...

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