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Cell model - apparatus. Lysosome- lysol just like lysosomes...

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Anthony Bahena T.a. David Elkin Bild 10 1/15/10 Model Cell Nucleus - For the nucleus I used a CD since it stores data just like the nucleus stores DNA. Endoplasmic Reticulum - Computer wires where used for the endoplasmic reticulum since it packs information and sends it to the rest of the computer. Mitochondria - Batteries where used for the mitochondria since it provides power to electronics. Golgi Apparatus - A flash drive packages, stores, and even sends information just like the golgi
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Unformatted text preview: apparatus. Lysosome- lysol just like lysosomes breaks down unwanted residue and cleans. Peroxisome- Tums since it has enzymes that break things down. Microtubules- Straws are cylindrical hollow and transport just like microtubules. Intermediate Filaments- Rubber band are like intermediate filaments since it binds together and is stretchy. Actin Filaments- Tape can give support just like Actin Filaments as well as being able to support things together....
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