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Anthony Bahena Bild 10 David and Friends Due January Homework 3 Genetics  1. Access to direct genetic tests seems like an obvious invasion of privacy, but what do you see as the risks of allowing employers to give their members incentives to collect health and family history? Answer . Access to genetic information is a clear invasion of property and in no way should genetic information be misused. The reason being is that if employers offer incentive to those who do provide their genetic information it will turn into a world that as been seen in many other movies such as Gattaca present where people are discriminated against for having what is called inferior or troubling genes. Incentives will be a new way to get the information employers want because those who deny them their genetic results will not be hired. This is already being seen
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Unformatted text preview: according to the article since some employers have fired employees because the have had issues of family dealing with cancer and other hereditary disorders. The main reason being that it would cost them to much money to keep them employed is a very sad excuse because this is a sign of treating people as machines and if one is not as good or might later be defective we should just ditch it now and get a new one. Incentives will only lead to trouble making it less and less of a choice, but more like an obligation to give up you genetic results and the biggest issue that the article gave is that your genetics do not only provide your information, but information for a great deal of people in your family line so it is not purely your information to give away....
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