Revised Speech Bild 10

Revised Speech Bild 10 - Anthony Bahena (Speaker) Heidi...

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Anthony Bahena (Speaker) Heidi Dixon (Speech Writer) Oxilevi Cuevas (Speech Writer) BILD 10 Section: David and Friends Human Genome Patents Patents Keep Holding us Down Ask yourself, would it be acceptable for a corporation to own the genes in your body? With today’s patent law this idea has become reality. Laboratories and corporations are allowed to patent your genes with serious consequences. Diseases like cystic fibrosis or certain cancers are treated and tested using patented genes. These patents force anyone who wants to make medicine or do research that includes a patented gene to pay the owner, increasing the cost of making new treatments and stifling research. These companies are patenting life, restricting access to knowledge and preventing the creation of new medical treatments. This development is strange because patents were originally used to protect inventors and their inventions and used to foster innovation. Now genes seem to be attracting another purpose, the purpose of commercialization.
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Revised Speech Bild 10 - Anthony Bahena (Speaker) Heidi...

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