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Anthony Bahena Bild 10 David and Friends Speech Rough Draft Key points: Genes are natural and occur in the body so they do not meet the original intention of patents, which are for inventors. To discover something does not necessarily mean ownership, if that where the case we would have patents on almost everything. Patents can also slow down development limiting the usage of the genes that are found and would possible delay scientific break through. It creates a monopoly on genes making them more about commercialism than
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Unformatted text preview: research. This can be seen in pharmaceutical companies that discover new cures, but over price their drugs in order to make billions and not just there own money back. Brings up the question of how can you put a patent on genes especially since they are found in living organisms, all they did was discover the gene sequence and if it is possible to be made in another organism than it should not be allowed to be patent....
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