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homework8 - SIO 10 Winter 2010 Homework 8 Due Friday March...

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SIO 10, Winter 2010 Homework # 8 Due Friday, March 12 Lectures 23-25 Chapters 20, 21, 22 20 points 1) a) What is the most common gas in our atmosphere? (1 point) b) What is the importance of ozone to life on earth? (1 point) c) What layer of the atmosphere do we live in? (1 point) d) Is the temperature of the atmosphere greater at 10 km or 50 km altitude and why? (2 points) e) What happens when a cold front pushes underneath a warm air mass? (1 point) 2) a) What causes a hurricane to spin? (1 point) b) What two features allow for large storm surges during hurricanes? (2 points) c) El Nino/Southern Oscillation is caused by the movement of warm water masses across the Pacific Ocean.
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