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syllabus-1 copy - SIO10 (ERTH10): The Earth (Winter 2010)...

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Unformatted text preview: SIO10 (ERTH10): The Earth (Winter 2010) Description : This course is an introduction to the science of how the Earth works. The course emphasizes material that everyone should know for appreciation and enjoyment of the world around us, for understanding geological events as reported in the news, and for participating in making intelligent decisions regarding the future of our environment. We will take a holistic view and learn about interactions between different components of the earth system: the atmosphere (air), hydrosphere (water), biosphere (life) and geosphere (solid earth). Each of these systems affects and is affected by the others. Processes deep within the earth produce volcanic eruptions that change the chemistry of the atmosphere. Small changes in ocean temperature can profoundly affect the climate, thereby influencing life. Life is responsible for the composition of the atmosphere. Water interacts with rocks and may control the location of some earthquakes. The Earth system as a whole affects the way we live and surprisingly, the way we live affects the Earth system....
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syllabus-1 copy - SIO10 (ERTH10): The Earth (Winter 2010)...

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