GE 70 B Syllabus

GE 70 B Syllabus - Syllabus GE70 Evolution of the Cosmos...

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Syllabus GE70: Evolution of the Cosmos, the Earth, and Life This 3-quarter cluster course explores the emergence of the Universe and its contents—from the Big Bang to the formation of our solar system, and then the development of life on Earth. One emphasis is on scientific understanding of the astronomical, geological and biological processes that have shaped the evolution of our world from its beginning to the very recent arrival of humans. The other primary emphasis is on the scientific enterprise itself: how scientists formulate and test hypotheses using evidence, data, and logic. GE70 is open to freshmen of any major, and enrollees must assume that they will remain with the course through their entire first year. Students who complete the three quarter sequence will receive credit for three 5-unit courses in the Foundations of Scientific Inquiry: 1 Life Science with laboratory credit, 1 Physical Science with laboratory credit and 1 additional science course, depending on which Spring seminar is chosen. The full course also satisfies the College Writing II requirement (see below for details). There is therefore a significant writing component to the assigned coursework. The Winter Quarter – GE70B – focuses on the evolution of life on our planet. This includes discussion of the processes that drives this change, as well as the history of this change written in fossils. We finish by bringing the entire course full circle with a discussion of the future of Earth in general and humanity specifically. Class web site: Use the class web site to stay abreast of assignments, readings, and notices, as well as answers to exam and lab questions. Also, students are encouraged to use the course bulletin board linked to this site in order to post questions, and the chat facility for electronic office hours. Lecture Schedule Winter ’09: Tu/Th 11:00 a.m. -12:15 p.m. – DeNeve Auditorium Faculty : James Larkin (Physics & Astronomy) Blaire Van Valkenburgh (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology) Tony Friscia (General Education) Teaching Associates : Ryan Ellingson (Ecology & Evolutionary Biology) Adam Lawrence (History)
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GE 70 B Syllabus - Syllabus GE70 Evolution of the Cosmos...

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