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Reading Assignment 7 1. Most ecological studies are unable to reconstruct the history of certain critical species because they are only based on local field studies that are only a few years in length and are fairly recent (within the past 60 years). This study took into account the historical aspect. They used “well-dated time series based on biological, biogeochemical, physical, and historical proxies.” They used data from many disciplines and used time periods that predated human occupation in costal regions. They used paleoecological records from marine sediments, archaeological records from human costal settlements, historical records from documents and journals, etc. and ecological records from scientific literature. 2. The historical decline of conditions in coral reefs caused by humans can be seen in the Caribbean and the Great Barrier Reef. There was a large coral
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Unformatted text preview: community before human impact. There has been a lot of coral mortality in the Great Barrier Reef since the 1960s due to outbreaks of a sea star that feeds on the coral. One explanation for the sea star outbreak is that species that eat the infant stages of this sea star species have been overfished. With this decrease in predators, these sea stars have proliferated and therefore caused the mortality of the coral. 3. What is meant by “synergistic effects” is that the whole effect is much greater than the sum of the individual effects alone. The results of these effects are catastrophic and can mean the end of an ecosystem. Some of these results are: nutrient loading and eutrophication, hypoxia, disease, storms, and climate change....
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