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Final Study Questions

Final Study Questions - GE70B FINAL Study Questions 1...

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GE70B FINAL Study Questions 1. Identify the two modern groups of animals that are most closely related to dinosaurs. Birds and Crocodiles 2. Describe two problems that had to be solved by land plants and their solutions. Mode of transportation of seeds- attracted animals to carry them through fruit and pollen; also wind movement. 3. Compare and contrast the challenges faced by the first land plants and animals. Plants challenges: support, reproduction, dessication, food Animal challenges: support, respiration, reproduction, dessication, food Invertebrates were already walking around on the bottom of the water near the shore so it was easier for them than for vertebrates. 4. Describe two lines of evidence that support the evolution of the tetrapod limb from a fish fin. 5. Why did lungs evolve in fish with gills? 6. What are the two main groups of dinosaurs? Give an example of each. They vary by the way their hips are (bird hips vs lizard hips) Saurichians- theropods and sauropods. Meat Eaters. Form birds. Ornithischians (everything else) which is hadrosaurs, ceratopsians, stegosaurs, pachycephalaurs. Only eat plants. 7. Why do we consider hadrosaurs to have been the “antelopes” or “zebras” of the Cretaceous? 8. What evidence is there to support parental care in dinosaurs? 1. Fossil Evidence: we have found nests. They are 1 dinosaur apart, like modern birds. 2. Modern Behavior: Crocodiles have parental care (build nests, keep eggs warm, mothers take care of offspring) 9. Describe two adaptations of hadrosaurs for feeding on plants. The teeth flapping for grinding motion The cranial kinesis allowed for grinding They had a horny beak where they could get food better. 10. What is the evidence for sexual selection in dinosaurs? Define sexual selection in your answer. Hadrosaurs: large unusual head gear could have been used for a sexual display or vocal sexual display Tricerotops: fighting between the males (shown by breaks in their spikes) Feathers in feathered dinosaurs (colors) Plates on back of stegosaurs could have been used for some sort of display 11. Describe three different solutions to herbivory, each of which evolved in a distinct group of dinosaurs, and name each group. Sauropauds-had little dinky teeth so they had gastro liths. They swallowed rocks to grind up the food. Seratopsians-
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12. What has been proposed as the effect of the evolution of angiosperms on dinosaurs? It is a feedback effect. Diversity begetting diversity. Jurassic you had big huge sauropod dinosaurs. Big bellys, long necks. Plants were gymnosperms (fir trees). Then during the Crestacious you lose the gymnosperms and you see flowering plants (angiosperms) and Dinosaurs created large areas and then there is a new niche for smaller plants. This creates a new niche for animals to eat those plants, there we have hadrosaurs.
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Final Study Questions - GE70B FINAL Study Questions 1...

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