70B Midterm Review Questions

70B Midterm Review Questions - STUDY QUESTIONS GE 70B...

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STUDY QUESTIONS GE 70B (before midterm) 1. Explain why it can be said that the fossil record is constantly improving. 2. List and briefly explain some controls on the physical form of fossils (both pre- and post- death influences). 3. What kinds of information can trace fossils give you? Provide some examples. 4. What process counteracts the effects of genetic drift? 5. Explain the difference between analogy and homology. Why do analogous structures occur so commonly? 6. Which character(s) are homologous between all living organisms on Earth? 7. Explain how embryology provides evidence for biological evolution. What other lines of evidence support this theory/fact. 8. How does natural selection work? 9. What is sexual selection and how does it work to produce differences between the genders of many animal species? Why doesn’t runaway sexual selection occur? (e.g., producing peacocks with outrageously long tail feathers) 10. Explain how the fossil record provides clear (not contradictory) evidence for evolution. 11. How do vestigial structures (like the appendix in us) provide evidence for evolution? 12. What are the sources of variation between individuals of the same species? 13. What advantage to a species does variation provide? If this variation is said to be random, how is it that evolution has produced such organized species? 14. What is the Cambrian period, and why is this particular time period significant to the study of evolution? 15. What triggers have been proposed for the Cambrian explosion of animals? Could the real trigger have been a combination of these factors and some we have not yet identified? 16. How could the origin of advanced predators in the early Cambrian have helped promote diversification at this time? What evidence do we have for the origin of advanced predators at this time?
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70B Midterm Review Questions - STUDY QUESTIONS GE 70B...

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